Strategic Growth Partners - Making the Difference for Teachers in Richmond, CA

Strategic Growth Partners (SGP) was established in 2016 as a unique collaboration between James Willcox, former CEO of Aspire Public Schools, and Caleb Roope, the founder and CEO of The Pacific Companies (TPC). Aspire’s mission is to “open and operate small, high-quality, college prep charter schools in low-income neighborhoods”, and currently oversees 40 community-based schools serving more than 17,000 students across California and Tennessee. The Pacific Companies, a vertically-integrated real estate development firm, is a leader in the affordable housing industry, producing high-quality multi-family, senior, and workforce housing solutions. These two organizations established SGP with a mission to increase the number of quality public school options for families across the country. 

To accomplish this goal, SGP confronts the problem from a number of different angles. First, by solving the structural challenges that prevent high-quality charter schools from opening or growing to serve more students. Secondly, by offering charter school partners the opportunity to join and help build a community by opening their schools as a component of a TPC affordable housing community. And lastly, by building affordable housing specifically designated for teachers in cities that have been identified by charter schools, investors, and local governments to be promising locations that will help attract and retain high-caliber teachers and educators. 

Strategic Growth Partners has recognized the significant challenge primary and secondary school teachers face affording decent housing, and is actively targeting the various roadblocks that prevent a flourishing educational ecosystem. Simply put, teachers are not paid a livable wage relative to their cost of living, which adds to the growing shortage of teachers in the area or requires educators to commute from more affordable areas, creating undue burden. 

To address this critical issue, SGP will be opening their first teacher apartments in Richmond, California in the Summer of 2020. The apartments will be located at the Richmond Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Station, providing direct and easy access to local public transit. 

Haven Connect is honored and proud to work alongside SGP to make sure our educators get the support they need to succeed and thrive! The waitlist to the Richmond Nevin apartments is now open and available on Haven Connect.

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