Put Your Waitlist On Autopilot

Learn how automated lists can save your team time and money

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Set It and Forget It

Welcome to peace of mind. No matter if your staff is out, or a little behind on their work. Your waitlist update will be handled. Woosah.

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Automated Reminders

Our system automatically sends out text and email reminders so your team can focus on everything else that is on their plate.


Streamlined Removals

Once your waitlist update has ended, we have a simple 3 step process to send removal communication to any non-responsive applicants via email, letter, and text.

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Birds-Eye Dashboard

We aggregate all applicant responses, so you can watch your updates roll in in real time. At a glance, you’ll know where all your applicants stand.

We Get Results

  • 42% of applicants respond within one week, with 80% total response

  • Staff time saved per update: 58 hours

  • Reduce postage cost by up to 50%

  • Total value of time & money saved: $2,500

  • Staff satisfaction: 100%

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How it Works

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Step 1 - Flip the Switch!

If you manage your lists through Haven Connect simply toggle on automated updates in your settings. Updates run automatically every April and September.


Step 2 - Coordinated Outreach En-Masse

All applicants receive standardized email, text, and letter (optional) notifications with a secure link to update their application information and opt-in to stay on the waitlist. Regular reminders go out throughout the update period.


Step 3 - Sit Back and Monitor Your Progress

Track applicant statuses and responses in our convenient waitlist update dashboard.

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Step 4 - Process Removal Communications

Send denial communications at the end of the update period to those that did not respond and easily remove them from the master list. Enjoy your newly pruned and accurate waitlist!


Ready to put your lists on autopilot?